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Our Values

We believe that every young person should experience the values that playing hockey exemplifies
  • Teamwork

    Engaging in teamwork allows a young person to experience cooperation and common purpose which encourages loyalty and responsibility.
  • Respect

    We teach young people to respect themselves and others. This builds self-esteem and pride regardless of wins, championships or goals.
  • Inspiration

    Our programmes, coaches and leaders inspire young people to try hockey, play hockey and thrive through hockey.
  • Family

    Enjoying hockey with friends gives a young person the sense of belonging, companionship and ultimately self- worth.
  • Wellbeing

    Playing hockey on a regular basis will promote a young person’s positive physical, social and mental state.
  • Inclusivity

    Everyone has the right to be involved. The nature of hockey allows players of all ages and genders to enjoy the game together for a significant length of time.

Our Approach

What we do

We partner with hockey clubs to create outreach programmes to connect with young people through schools and community organisations. We encourage hockey for all with particular emphasis on inner city deprived neighbourhoods. We help young people improve their life skills allowing them to positively develop. We introduce hockey into schools using the game of “QuickSticks”. This is fun, exciting and safe and can be taught by anyone regardless of previous hockey experience.

How we do it

We provide grants and support to hockey clubs who meet our outreach criteria and match our values and aims. We advise on target areas, schools and delivery to create sustainable inclusive programmes.

Take a look at the case study below to find out more

Emma Watson joins international athletes at Hockey Futures launch event

Emma surprised schoolchildren at Thorpe Hall Primary School in Walthamstow, East London, joining a hockey session alongside Rio 2016 Olympic gold medal winner Helen Richardson-Walsh MBE and Commonwealth & European medallist Emily Defroand.

Emma said, “Hockey was a big part of my life growing up and I’m thrilled that England Hockey are committed to making the sport more accessible to children all over the country through the launch of Hockey Futures.

"Hockey is the nation’s most gender equal sport and it was fantastic to visit a Hockey Futures session at Thorpe Hall Primary School and see children playing together, learning new skills - and teaching me some new hockey tricks too!


Redditch Hockey Club

Redditch Hockey Club is passionate about developing and increasing hockey participation amongst young people in the local community. In collaboration with Hockey Futures they have created quality outreach hockey programmes in local schools offering easy transition into club sessions. This has ensured that all young people have the opportunity to play and become part of their hockey family.

Tim Gibbs ( Chairman of Redditch Hockey Club) explains why they have chosen to work with Hockey Futures: 

Our club is in a high area of deprivation, we recognise the value a coach and mentor can have on a young person’s life. Hockey Futures has enabled us to position our Head Junior Coach within our local first school. Having Becki in the school, has provided over 200 young people access to hockey through fun, engaging, coached P.E lessons and after-school club sessions based on our astro turf. Becki’s presence within school has given the children a positive mentor to inspire, guide and assist them to reach their potential both on and off the pitch. As a club our values align closely with Hockey Futures, we strive to break down barriers to participation within our community and passionately encourage young people across the local area to take part in hockey, irrespective of their background or ability. 

Our Ambassador: Helen Richardson-Walsh


Helen Richardson- Walsh is a perfect ambassador for Hockey Futures. She is passionate about giving every young person the opportunity to not only play hockey but to experience the values that the game portrays. She openly talks about how the Great Britain gold winning team had a vision to be the difference, create history and inspire the future. She believes that the Rio Olympic gold was achieved by aspects over and above ultimate preparation, fitness and strategy. Teamwork and family played a significant role in ensuring their success as well as self-belief and individual focus. 

As an inspiring role model for all young people she is committed to use her opportunity to change hockey for the better and helping us achieve our ambitions throughout the UK.


Your Support

We are aiming to raise one million pounds by the 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo. This will allow us to support 50 clubs in areas with very little access to hockey, allowing us to reach out to 20,000 young people in disadvantaged communities.


Every pound counts and will help us provide coaches, equipment and programmes to the most deprived inner city areas in the UK.

£10 will provide a stick and a ball for one young person.

£100 will provide a complete team with essential equipment.

£350 will provide a Quicksticks equipment pack to encourage ongoing delivery in the school.

£500 ensures a 6-week programme, including coaches and resources during curriculum time for one year group.

Partner with us

Become a corporate partner

We are looking to collaborate with philanthropic corporate partners who share our values. This will enable us to grow our charity efficiently and professionally and in return will ensure that the most underprivileged young people are given the opportunity to thrive through playing hockey. We will work with you to create a strategic alliance offering volunteering and fundraising opportunities. For more information contact

Become a partner hockey club

By working with us to reach young people in the most deprived inner city areas you are creating an opportunity to change lives. Developing sustainable programmes will attract new club members from a diverse cross section of society. Your own coaches will benefit from a greater range of coaching opportunities which in turn will assist in the progression of your junior section.

Charitable trusts and foundations

We identify which Trusts and Foundations match our aims and objectives. We work closely with them to not only fulfil their ambitions but to also support our goals. Our initial aim is to reach young people in the most deprived inner city areas, however we are ambitious and in the future, will run programmes to include Special Educational Needs schools and community satellite clubs.


Our Impact

Our success will be measured by the number of young people we engage by the start of 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. We measure impact by not the number of grants issued but the number of young people whose lives have been changed through hockey. The success of each of the following stages is important;

  1. The number of target hockey clubs contracted
  2. The number of focus schools enrolled.
  3. The number of young people playing regular hockey
  4. The number of new members from deprived areas

Apply for a Grant

Your success will be based on the following criteria:

Coach qualifications and experience

Essential: DBS and EH Safeguarding Assessed Coach with knowledge and experience delivering in these age groups with a teacher present

Desirable: Coach with a level 2 or equivalent

Support from host school

Essential: Email confirmation from school

Desirable: Formal partnership between school and club


Essential: Club on EH list and delivering to an area of deprivation

Desirable: Club junior activity being delivered within one mile of a deprived ward

Club open to new members

Essential: Capacity to intake new juniors

Desirable: Specific individual support and sponsorship (Equipment and financial support)


Essential: A quantitative measurement, tracking with registers the attendance and transition to the club

Desirable: Qualitative measurement, creating a sustainable partnership with the charity. Collaborating to achieve social impact targets.


Essential: A named person responsible for communicating and supporting new junior players

Desirable: Commitment to sustainable support and assessment